Live online Mat Pilates classes with Kelsey.

Classes are live via Zoom, so you receive a personalised, form focused experience.

If you can't quite make the session time- not to worry, sign up to the class and you will receive the recording for you to work through in your own time! 

All online sessions are 30minutes and open-level, designed to challenge everyone from first timers- through to the Pilates expert!




A sculpting class, targeting all areas of the body, with a deeper focus on the arms, core and glutes. We will aim to work with precision while raising the heart rate, upping the sweat levels and working on your postural alignment, leaving you feeling toned and elongated, in all of the right areas.



Designed with lockdown in mind. This class is designed to give you a break from your computer or desk, to pick the heart rate up and move the body through all planes of motion (think bending, twisting, stretching).

Mix this with strengthening exercises for the back, abdominals, shoulders & neck, this class should feel like the perfect reset of your postural muscles, and help to avoid 'text neck' and back pain.



Prenatal classes are designed with the mumma-to-be in mind. Aiming to strengthen arms, legs, glutes & back muscles, while also working to release stiffness in the shoulders, neck and back. 

A balance of work, stretch & breathe to leave you feeling stronger & more mobile than when you started.


'I knew of Kelseys amazing classes...and over lockdown I was very excited to find out she was teaching online.

From Arrowtown I plunged in and booked as many as I could, the whole process was streamlined and super easy. I felt I made great progress in those weeks on the mat from my bedroom, and as anyone who does Pilates knows, mat work done properly is hard, its a full body workout.

Kelseys cues are impeccable and super logical to follow! And her anatomy knowledge is next level, along with a great understanding of what you want to achieve in a class, Thanks Kelsey, cant wait for more.'


'Having Kelsey’s online classes through lockdowns and at home are incredible. She was able to translate her precision and personality that characterize her style perfectly on zoom. They are challenging enough that I felt I got a full work out in, but not too difficult that I felt concerned about injury. So lucky to have such a dedicated instructor who is committed to my well being'



'I did the one you sent this morning after work and used my partners 1.5 kg diving weights....eeeek!!!! It was hard...arms and shoulders on FIRE!!' 



'Thanks so much gal!! Felt the burn fo sho, she was a spicy one!'


'Doing the online Pilates classes with Kelsey during the COVID period was fabulous, along with being extremely convenient.  Kelsey’s communication was top notch, even being able to tweak my positions via zoom as I was a newbie to Pilates!! 

Being in my early 50's, I loved having the commitment of being able to do something to help my fitness and suppleness at home during such a difficult time. 

Kelsey’s pure passion and professionalism was inspiring and totally motivating, it's just what I, and I am sure all the others online, needed.

Thanks Kelsey it was a great first time experience for me and a much needed boost for me personally during a terrible time.'



'I loved doing Kelsey’s online classes during lockdown. The variation of exercises with each class kept me really engaged and made me so much stronger. I can’t wait to continue these and combine them with her reformer classes.' 


'Kelsey is a really inclusive, patient and clear Pilates instructor - such a critical set of skills when teaching but especially when teaching online. I joined her for Pilates because I wanted to focus on my core strength and muscle tone, her classes have helped with both and really compliment my other activities - predominantly running. Could not recommend joining a class enough!'