"Change happens through movement, and movement heals"

-Joseph Pilates





Movement has always been a huge part of my life, from competing in sports and exercising for fitness, to using it as a device to become more in tune with what my body needs. I've always viewed movement as a way to energise and nurture the body. The ultimate way to feel good.

I was drawn to Pilates while working abroad on Super Yachts and was quickly hooked. I booked a flight and completed my first Balanced Body Pilates courses in Costa Rica in 2016. From there I have continued my comprehensive training in all apparatus (reformer, chair, trapeze table & barrel), cementing a love and understanding of the modality that I'm passionate about sharing with others.

After many years of HIIT and CrossFit, I had a multitude of niggly injuries I was constantly nursing (shoulders, hips, lower back pain).  While I always had a focus on correct form, Pilates helped me to understand that creating balanced muscle development, even among the smaller, more often forgotten muscles was more important for a pain-free, strong body. Having been through my own recovery journeys, I have an empathy and understanding of the body and what it needs - no matter the journey you're on.

The KB Pilates style is form focused, so you gain the most from every movement. It stems from the Balanced Body International Pilates training method, where we focus on alignment, control, breath and balanced muscle development, while still getting that all too desirable pilates burn! Keeping every class interesting, fresh, informative and engaging is always high priority. Whether you are a first time mover or an athlete, in your teens or your prime- Pilates is for every body.

Can't wait to move with you.

Kelsey x


'Kelsey's online classes were an absolute dream come true for me.  I am a freelancer and mama of a four year-old and always struggled to make it to actual classes as they never suited my schedule.  With the online classes I could just access them when it suited me - sometimes at 5 am, sometimes at 8 pm!  It meant that if I got interrupted during my class by my little girl I could just press pause and then rejoin the class when I was free again, or even start over if I had to. 

Kelsey has a wonderful and thorough teaching style and I adore how I feel after one of her classes.  Her classes also gave me the tools I needed to improve both my flexibility and core strength.'


'Kelsey's classes are never dull, she takes her time to share her extensive knowledge... Her classes are that magic combination of skill, challenge and fun that keep you coming back time and time again.'






Online Zoom classes for all levels of strength and Pilates experience. The perfect 30minute supplement to your weekly routine.


Personal Pilates training sessions in the privacy of your home or office.



Kelsey teaches weekly elite reformer Pilates classes at Core Collective, Auckland, NZ.

For the schedule and more information please see www.corecollective.co.nz.


Originally created as a movement method to rehabilitate injured soldiers in WW1, Joseph Pilates was ahead of his time with his vision and methodology. Initially called 'Contrology', Pilates was developed to strengthen & lengthen creating balanced muscle development within the body, while moving with control and precision. The method was to target not only a person's more dominant muscles, but the key smaller muscles as well, resulting in a more toned and longer feeling body.

With a focus on improving posture, spine and muscular flexibility, Pilates is relevant now more than ever before. With increased time at desks, with heads tilted, or shoulders slouched, spending time working on your posture, from your spinal column to your deep core muscles is crucial. As well as taking the time out of your day to focus on your breath, developing your mind body connection.

On top of all these fantastic benefits- moving, breathing, gaining strength and mobility- Pilates is fun!



“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you’ll have a whole new body.”

-Joseph H. Pilates (1883-1967)


Thank you and welcome!

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